Custom Manufacturing

At Seya, we understand our customer’s needs for a reliable and responsible chemical manufacturing partner and provide these characteristics for our customers. We offer the high level of customer service that is required to supply the specialty chemical market.

In the case of formulated products, we are also well-equipped to manufacture entire product families for our customers. Our facilities maintain a strong focus on process safety and environmental management. We have management systems in place that are being certified by ISO 9000:2000 families. As part of our management system, Seya has developed a detailed technology transfer program to ensure that not only do we safely transfer and scale up our customer’s products technology under strict agreements of confidentiality, but also all associated regulatory requirements for the products, their packaging and transport are addressed prior to manufacture.

Seya’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its Pilot Plant that allows continuous experimentation, innovation and evolution of new solutions for the world serving as a catalyst for customers to transform their formulas into newer markets, healthier bottom lines and facilitating them to experiment with their formulations, develop new chemicals at a lower cost and at faster time to market. Such facilities designed to simulate processes – from pre-processing to tests to finished products helps in scaling up experimental products from gram, offered at the lab scale, to up to 100 kg and above. With our adaptable plant we can undertake production runs which are customer specific, and these can be from a few kilos to thousands of tonnes. Our research and development team have extensive experience in the design and scaling up of processes, supported by our analytical team and facilities. We can quickly bring production to a commercial scale and meet customer timeline targets.

We pride ourselves on giving you solutions to run your facilities well, to produce high quality products, and to serve your customers in the best possible way.