Research & Development

Research & Development (R&D) is the key to survival and growth. As one of the leading manufacturers, we know that we must always be innovative in the way we produce new products, given the fact that a fast paced global environment results in ever changing customer needs and that new products & processes drain away competitiveness

Our R&D activities are focused on all aspects of the process continuum – from scientific conceptualization through plant scale-up to customer end-use. Our creative, energetic research teams, range of sophisticated State-of-Art equipment and capabilities in handling various types of Chemicals with a scalable Pilot Production facility, for quantities ranging from a few kilos to ton lots, are committed to working with our customers to design effective, strategic solutions. The scientists, engineers and technicians at our R& D centers are focused on:

  • Reducing manufacturing costs
  • Improving process capabilities
  • Developing new products to meet target market needs
  • Maintaining a strong foundation in the science of our current product lines
  • Creating and sustaining an environment that stimulates innovation
  • Delivering superior technical service and technical dialogue with our customers

Seya is further expanding its Research & Development Center in collaboration with Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research(DSIR), Dept. Of Science & Technology, University Institute of Chemical Technology and National Chemical Laboratory promoted by Government of India.