Safety of our Operations and Corporate Responsibility is at the foundation of our organisation. Embedded in our history is the promise to conduct all aspects of our business in a manner that safeguards our employees, the communities in which we live and work, and the natural world.

Seya maintains highest standards of excellence in Integrity and Corporate Governance Practices to promote confidence in governance systems and demonstrates its commitment to CSR by :

  • Conducting business in an ethical and socially responsible manner
  • Optimizing resources consumption to contribute to a sustainable environment and simultaneously promote responsible environmental practices
  • Implementation of all possible safeguards for safety of people and surroundings
  • Periodic and meaningful interaction with concerned shareholders, to know, respect and protect their interests;
  • Institutionalizing fair Labour practices to ensure that its employees are treated fairly and with dignity to foster employee loyalty
  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations involved in its business activities;
  • Promoting Quality of life of the concerned stakeholders, by supporting innovative programs in health, education, social services and the environment

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