Safety, Health & Environment

Safety – Health – Environment

Seya is committed to maintain a clean environment in strict compliance of the State Pollution Control Board. Seya has its own primary, secondary and tertiary treatment facilities for generated effluent.

Management Systems & Procedures as per ISO 9000:2000 family, Environmental Management System as per ISO 14001:2004, Standard and Occupational Health & Safety Management System as per OHSAS 18001:1999, suitable training programmes for employees to develop attitude & approach to procure such accreditations have been constituted for Implementation of the Management Objectives related to Safety, Health and Environmental commitment.

Various actions initiated towards implementation of Safety, Health and Environmental dimensions are :

  • Formulation of Safety Committee for implementation of SHE objectives, Zero Effluent Discharge Mechanism, Clean Development Mechanism and conservations of Materials, Energy and Natural resources
  • Transition of Feedstock for Utility sources from Green House gas generating fossil fuels to clean LPG/Natural Gas
  • Deployment of Energy Recovery and economy Devices with low CO2 emissions
  • Development of In-house Occupational Health and Employees welfare Center and Green zone.
  • Ensure that our employees work in a safe and healthy environment,
  • Assess the impact of our processes and operations on the environment and seek to reduce the impacts to the lowest practicable level,
  • Comply with all legislation and regulations governing our activities,
  • Discuss openly with our customers, employees, suppliers and the local community how we carry out this policy.
  • Monitor our performance and seek to improve continually
  • Employee Safety and Wellness Program

Under the Employee Wellness program, Seya has a provided an on-site medical dispensary for immediate management of on-site accident and emergencies. This facility includes medical staff and primary medical equipment so that employees on the plant can receive timely and appropriate care. Along with on-site emergencies, the facility takes initiatives for overall wellness and primary care of the employees.