3, 3 Dichloro Benzidine DiHydroChloride

Product Specifications 
Product Name 3,3 Dichloro Benzidine DiHydrochloride
CAS Number 91-94-1
Other Trade Names  (1,1-Biphenyl)-4,4-Diamine,3,3-dichloro; 3,3-dichloro-4,4-biphenyldiamine4,4′-Diamino-3,3′-dichlorobiphenylo,o’-Dichlorobenzidine
Physical Appearance White to off white Crystalline moist powder
Molecular Formula C12H12cl4N
Structural Formula  3,3 DCB Structural Formula
Molecular Weight 253 of free base & 326 of Hydrochloride
% Strength by Nitrite Valve w/w 72± 2% on Mwt.25390±4% on Mwt.326
% Strength of dry material Nitrite value w/w 98% on Mwt.
Insoluble in dilute HCL Solution 0.08% to 0.1% Max.
Matter Insoluble on Tetra azotization,Percent by Mass 0.10% max
Acidity (in moles per mole of free base) 2.0 of Hydrochloride Acid
HPLC 99.5% Min
Moisture Content 10% max
HCL ratio per mole 1.9 to 2.0
Packing on 100% basis of Mwt 253 25 Kgs Real wt in polylined HDPE Bags
Uses and Applications  Synthesis of Organic Pigments like Pigment Yellow 12, Pigment Orange 13